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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ich•thy•o•saurˈɪk θi əˌsɔr(n.)

  1. any large fishlike reptile of the extinct order Ichthyosauria, having four flippers and a prominent caudal fin.

    Category: Paleontology

Origin of ichthyosaur:

1820–30; < NL

ich`thy•o•sau′ri•an(adj.; n.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. ichthyosaur(noun)

    any of several marine reptiles of the Mesozoic having a body like a porpoise with dorsal and tail fins and paddle-shaped limbs


  1. ichthyosaur(Noun)

    Any of several extinct fishlike reptiles, of the order Ichthyosauria, that had a body somewhat like a porpoise.

  2. Origin: Adaptation of modern Latin ichthyosaurus.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ichthyosaur(noun)

    one of the Ichthyosaura


  1. Ichthyosaur

    Ichthyosaurs were giant marine reptiles that resembled dolphins in a textbook example of convergent evolution. Ichthyosaurs thrived during much of the Mesozoic era; based on fossil evidence, they first appeared approximately 245 million years ago and at least one species survived until about 90 million years ago, into the early Cretaceous. During the middle Triassic Period, ichthyosaurs evolved from a group of, as yet, unidentified land reptiles that moved back into the water, in a development parallel to that of the ancestors of modern-day dolphins and whales. They were particularly abundant in the Jurassic Period, until they were replaced as the top aquatic predators by another reptilian order, the plesiosaurs, in the Cretaceous Period. Ichthyosaurs belong to the order known as Ichthyosauria or Ichthyopterygia.


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