Definitions for hypochondriacˌhaɪ pəˈkɒn driˌæk; -kənˈdraɪ ə kəl

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

hy•po•chon•dri•acˌhaɪ pəˈkɒn driˌæk; -kənˈdraɪ ə kəl(adj.)

  1. pertaining to, suffering from, or produced by hypochondria.

    Category: Psychiatry

  2. of or pertaining to the hypochondrium.

    Category: Anatomy, Zoology

  3. (n.)a person suffering from or subject to hypochondria.

    Category: Psychiatry

Origin of hypochondriac:

1605–15; < NL hypochondriacus < Gk hypochondriakós affected in the upper abdomen. See hypochondria , -ac


Princeton's WordNet

  1. hypochondriac(adj)

    a patient with imaginary symptoms and ailments

  2. hypochondriac, hypochondriacal(adj)

    suffering from hypochondria


  1. hypochondriac(Noun)

    A person affected with hypochondria.

  2. hypochondriac(Adjective)

    Related to, or affected by hypochondria

  3. hypochondriac(Adjective)

    Related to, or located in the hypochondrium.

  4. Origin: From ὑποχονδριακός, from ὑποχόνδριος, from ὑπό + χόνδρος

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hypochondriac(adj)

    of or pertaining to hypochondria, or the hypochondriac regions

  2. Hypochondriac(adj)

    affected, characterized, or produced, by hypochondriasis

  3. Hypochondriac(noun)

    a person affected with hypochondriasis


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