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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

hy•dro•pho•bicˌhaɪ drəˈfoʊ bɪk(adj.)

  1. pertaining to or affected with hydrophobia.

    Category: Psychiatry

  2. lacking affinity for water; tending to repel or not to absorb water.

    Category: Chemistry

Origin of hydrophobic:


hy`dro•pho•bic′i•ty-ˈbɪs ɪ ti(n.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. hydrophobic(adj)

    lacking affinity for water; tending to repel and not absorb water; tending not to dissolve in or mix with or be wetted by water

  2. hydrophobic, aquaphobic(adj)

    abnormally afraid of water


  1. hydrophobic(Adjective)

    Lacking an affinity for water; unable to absorb, or be wetted by water.

  2. hydrophobic(Adjective)

    Of, or having hydrophobia (rabies).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hydrophobic(adj)

    of or pertaining to hydrophobia; producing or caused by rabies; as, hydrophobic symptoms; the hydrophobic poison


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