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  1. (n.)a rounded protuberance, esp. a fleshy protuberance on the back, as that due to abnormal curvature of the spine in humans, or that normally present in certain animals, as the camel.

    Category: Pathology, Zoology

  2. a low, rounded rise of ground; hummock. a mountain or mountain range.

    Category: Geography (terms)

  3. Vulgar Slang. an act or instance of sexual intercourse.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

  4. Brit. low spirits.

    Category: British

  5. (v.t.)to raise (the back) in a hump; hunch.

  6. Slang. to exert (oneself) in a great effort.

    Category: Informal

  7. Vulgar Slang. to have sexual intercourse with.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

  8. Chiefly Brit. to carry on the back.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

  9. (v.i.)to rise in a hump.

  10. Slang. to exert oneself; hustle. to hurry.

    Category: Informal

  11. Vulgar Slang. to engage in sexual intercourse.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

Idioms for hump:

  1. over the hump,past the greatest difficulties or dangers.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of hump:

1700–10; prob. extracted from humpbacked



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