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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

hum•ble*ˈhʌm bəl, ˈʌm-(adj.)-bler, -blest

  1. (adj.)not proud or arrogant; modest.

  2. low in importance, status, or condition:

    a humble home.

  3. courteously respectful:

    in my humble opinion.

  4. insignificant; inferior; submissive:

    to feel humble in the presence of a great artist.

  5. (v.t.)to lower in condition, importance, or dignity; abase; mortify.

  6. to destroy the independence or will of; subdue.

  7. to make meek:

    to humble one's heart.

* Syn: humble , degrade , humiliate suggest a lowering in self-respect or in the estimation of others. humble most often refers to a lowering of pride or arrogance, but may refer to a lessening of power or importance: humbled by failure; to humble an enemy. degrade literally means to demote in rank or standing, but commonly refers to a bringing into dishonor or contempt: You degrade yourself by cheating. To humiliate is to make another feel inadequate or unworthy, esp. in a public setting: humiliated by criticism.

Origin of humble:

1200–50; ME (h)umble < OF < L humilis low, lowly, akin to humus ground


Princeton's WordNet

  1. humbly, meekly(adverb)

    in a humble manner

    "he humbly lowered his head"

  2. meanly, humbly(adverb)

    in a miserly manner

    "they lived meanly and without ostentation"


  1. humbly(Adverb)

    In a humble manner.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Humbly(adverb)

    with humility; lowly

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