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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

hud•dleˈhʌd l(v.; n.)-dled, -dling

  1. (v.i.)to gather or crowd together in a close mass:

    They huddled around the stove to get warm.

  2. to crouch, curl up, or draw oneself together.

  3. to confer or consult.

  4. (v.t.)to heap or crowd together closely.

  5. to draw (oneself) closely together, as in crouching; nestle (often fol. by up).

  6. to put on (clothes) with careless haste (often fol. by on).

  7. (n.)a closely gathered group, mass, or heap.

  8. a close gathering of football players behind the scrimmage line to hear instructions for the next play.

    Category: Sport

  9. a conference, esp. a private one about a serious matter.

Origin of huddle:

1570–80; hud- (weak grade of root found in hide1) + -le


Princeton's WordNet

  1. huddler(noun)

    a member of a huddle

  2. huddler(noun)

    a person who crouches

    "low huddlers against the wind"


  1. huddler(Noun)

    One who huddles.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Huddler(noun)

    one who huddles things together


  1. Huddler

    Huddler is an innovative digital media company that powers millions of daily interactions on the internet’s most influential enthusiast communities. Huddler’s proprietary technology platform makes these communities more engaging for consumers and marketers alike. Huddler offers brands the opportunity to interact with over 24 million passionate consumers in a contextually relevant environment across key interest areas including parenting, fashion and beauty, consumer tech and outdoor sports. Marketers can engage the community through highly targeted advertising campaigns, brand ambassador programs and unique market research opportunities. Huddler is a privately held company based in San Francisco.


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