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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

huck•le•ber•ryˈhʌk əlˌbɛr i(n.)(pl.)-ries.

  1. the dark blue or black edible berry of any of various shrubs belonging to the genus Gaylussacia of the heath family.

    Category: Plants

  2. a shrub bearing such fruit.

    Category: Plants

  3. Category: Plants

    Ref: blueberry (def. 1). 1

Origin of huckleberry:

1660–70, Amer.; perh. alter. of earlier hurtleberrywhortleberry

Princeton's WordNet

  1. huckleberry(noun)

    any of various dark-fruited as distinguished from blue-fruited blueberries

  2. huckleberry(noun)

    any of several shrubs of the genus Gaylussacia bearing small berries resembling blueberries

  3. huckleberry(noun)

    blue-black berry similar to blueberries and bilberries of the eastern United States


  1. huckleberry(Noun)

    A small round fruit of a dark blue or red color of several plants in the related genera Vaccinium and Gaylussacia.

  2. huckleberry(Noun)

    A shrub growing this fruit.

  3. huckleberry(Noun)

    A small amount, as in the phrase huckleberry above a persimmon.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Huckleberry(noun)

    the edible black or dark blue fruit of several species of the American genus Gaylussacia, shrubs nearly related to the blueberries (Vaccinium), and formerly confused with them. The commonest huckelberry comes from G. resinosa

  2. Huckleberry(noun)

    the shrub that bears the berries. Called also whortleberry


  1. Huckleberry

    Huckleberry is a name used in North America for several plants in the family Ericaceae, in two closely related genera: Vaccinium and Gaylussacia. The huckleberry is the state fruit of Idaho.


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