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  1. hub(noun)

    the central part of a car wheel (or fan or propeller etc) through which the shaft or axle passes

  2. hub(noun)

    a center of activity or interest or commerce or transportation; a focal point around which events revolve

    "the playground is the hub of parental supervision"; "the airport is the economic hub of the area"

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  1. Hub(n.)

    The central location within which activities tend to concentrate, or from which activities radiate outward; a focus of activity.

  2. Hub(n.)

    Hence: (Aeronautics) A large airport used as a central transfer station for an airline, permitting economic air transportation between remote locations by directing travellers through the hub, often changing planes at the hub, and thus keeping the seat occupancy rate on the airplanes high. The hub together with the feeder lines from remote locations constitute the so-called hub and spoke system of commercial air passenger transportation. A commercial airline may have more than one such hub.

  3. Hub(n.)

    The city of Boston, Massachusetts referred to locally by the nickname The Hub.

  4. Origin: [See 1st Hob.]

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  1. hub(Noun)

    The central part, usually cylindrical, of a wheel; the nave

  2. hub(Noun)

    A point where many routes meet and traffic is distributed, dispensed or diverted

    Hongkong airport is one of the most important air traffic hubs in Asia.

  3. hub(Noun)

    a computer networking device connecting several ethernet ports. See switch.

  4. hub(Noun)

    A stake with a nail in it, used to mark a temporary point.

  5. Origin: Perhaps from hubbe.

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  1. Hub(noun)

    the central part, usually cylindrical, of a wheel; the nave. See Illust. of Axle box

  2. Hub(noun)

    the hilt of a weapon

  3. Hub(noun)

    a rough protuberance or projecting obstruction; as, a hub in the road. [U.S.] See Hubby

  4. Hub(noun)

    a goal or mark at which quoits, etc., are cast

  5. Hub(noun)

    a hardened, engraved steel punch for impressing a device upon a die, used in coining, etc

  6. Hub(noun)

    a screw hob. See Hob, 3

  7. Hub(noun)

    a block for scotching a wheel

  8. Origin: [See 1st Hob.]

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  1. hub

    An organization that sorts and distributes inbound cargo from wholesale supply sources (airlifted, sealifted, and ground transportable) and/or from within the theater. See also hub and spoke distribution; spoke.

Translations for hub

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • bendellBreton
  • hub, rozbočovačCzech
  • Zentrum, Radnabe, Hub, Nabe, Drehscheibe, Netzknoten, DrehkreuzGerman
  • κόμβος, αφαλός, χοινίκη, πλήμνηGreek
  • punto de transbordo, maza, centro, buje, concentrador, distribuidor vial, nudo, multiplexorSpanish
  • pyörännapa, keskiö, keskitinFinnish
  • hub, pôle, moyeu, concentrateurFrench
  • cìochScottish Gaelic
  • agy, kerék közepe, csomópont, kerékpár agyHungarian
  • mozzo, incrocioItalian
  • ハブJapanese
  • hub, centrum, draaischijf, naaf, knooppuntDutch
  • poste, jante, entroncamento, cruzamentoPortuguese
  • хаб, втулкаRussian
  • nav, knutpunkt, korsvägSwedish
  • vitovuSwahili

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