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Princeton's WordNet

  1. howl, howling, ululation(noun)

    a long loud emotional utterance

    "he gave a howl of pain"; "howls of laughter"; "their howling had no effect"

  2. howl(noun)

    the long plaintive cry of a hound or a wolf

  3. howl(verb)

    a loud sustained noise resembling the cry of a hound

    "the howl of the wind made him restless"

  4. howl, ululate, wail, roar, yawl, yaup(verb)

    emit long loud cries

    "wail in self-pity"; "howl with sorrow"

  5. howl, wrawl, yammer, yowl(verb)

    cry loudly, as of animals

    "The coyotes were howling in the desert"

  6. roar, howl(verb)

    make a loud noise, as of wind, water, or vehicles

    "The wind was howling in the trees"; "The water roared down the chute"

  7. roar, howl(verb)

    laugh unrestrainedly and heartily


  1. howl(Noun)

    The protracted, mournful cry of a dog or a wolf, or other like sound.

  2. howl(Noun)

    A prolonged cry of distress or anguish; a wail.

  3. howl(Verb)

    To utter a loud, protracted, mournful sound or cry, as dogs and wolves often do.

  4. howl(Verb)

    To utter a sound expressive of pain or distress; to cry aloud and mournfully; to lament; to wail.

  5. howl(Verb)

    To make a noise resembling the cry of a wild beast.

  6. howl(Verb)

    To utter with outcry.

  7. Origin: From (c.1220) houlen, probably imitative

Webster Dictionary

  1. Howl(verb)

    to utter a loud, protraced, mournful sound or cry, as dogs and wolves often do

  2. Howl(verb)

    to utter a sound expressive of distress; to cry aloud and mournfully; to lament; to wail

  3. Howl(verb)

    to make a noise resembling the cry of a wild beast

  4. Howl(verb)

    to utter with outcry

  5. Howl(noun)

    the protracted, mournful cry of a dog or a wolf, or other like sound

  6. Howl(noun)

    a prolonged cry of distress or anguish; a wail

  7. Origin: [OE. houlen, hulen; akin to D. huilen, MHG. hiulen, hiuweln, OHG. hiuwiln to exult, hwo owl, Dan. hyle to howl.]


  1. Howl

    "Howl" is a poem written by Allen Ginsberg in 1955, published as part of his 1956 collection of poetry titled Howl and Other Poems. Ginsberg began work on "Howl" as early as 1954. In the Paul Blackburn Tape Archive at U.C.S.D., Ginsberg can be heard reading early drafts of his poem to his fellow writing associates. "Howl" is considered to be one of the great works of American literature. It came to be associated with the group of writers known as the Beat Generation, which included Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs. There is no foundation to the myth that "Howl" was written as a performance piece and later published by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti of City Lights Books. This myth was perpetuated by Ferlinghetti as part of the defense's case during the poem's obscenity trial, as detailed below. Upon the poem's release, Ferlinghetti and the bookstore's manager, Shigeyoshi Murao, were charged with disseminating obscene literature, and both were arrested. On October 3, 1957, Judge Clayton W. Horn ruled that the poem was not obscene.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Howl

    howl, v.i. to yell or cry, as a wolf or dog: to utter a long, loud, whining sound: to wail: to roar.—v.t. to utter with outcry:—pr.p. howl′ing; pa.p. howled.—n. a loud, prolonged cry of distress: a mournful cry.—n. Howl′er, a South American monkey, with prodigious power of voice: (slang) a glaring or very stupid error.—adj. Howl′ing, filled with howlings, as of the wind, or of wild beasts: (slang) tremendous.—n. a howl. [O. Fr. huller—L. ululāre, to shriek or howl—ulula, an owl; cf. Ger. heulen, Eng. owl.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of howl in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of howl in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

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