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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. the joint in the hind leg of a horse, cow, etc., above the fetlock joint, corresponding anatomically to the ankle in humans.

    Category: Zoology

  2. a corresponding joint in a fowl.

    Category: Zoology

Origin of hock:

1375–1425; var. of dial. hough, ME ho(u)gh, appar. back formation from late ME hokschyn, etc., OE hōhsinu hock (lit., heel) sinew


  1. any white Rhine wine.

    Category: British

* Chiefly Brit..

Origin of hock:

1615–25; short for Hockamore, alter. of G Hochheimer <Hochheim, Germany


  1. (v.t.)to pawn.

  2. (n.)the state of being deposited or held as security; pawn.

  3. the condition of owing; debt.

Origin of hock:

1855–60 < D hok kennel, pen, prison


Princeton's WordNet

  1. Rhine wine, Rhenish, hock(noun)

    any of several white wines from the Rhine River valley in Germany (`hock' is British usage)

  2. hock, hock-joint(verb)

    tarsal joint of the hind leg of hoofed mammals; corresponds to the human ankle

  3. pawn, soak, hock(verb)

    leave as a guarantee in return for money

    "pawn your grandfather's gold watch"

  4. hock(verb)

    disable by cutting the hock

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hock(noun)

    a Rhenish wine, of a light yellow color, either sparkling or still. The name is also given indiscriminately to all Rhenish wines

  2. Hock(noun)

    alt. of Hough

  3. Hock(verb)

    to disable by cutting the tendons of the hock; to hamstring; to hough


  1. Hock

    The hock, or gambrel, is the joint between the tarsal bones and tibia of a digitigrade or unguligrade quadrupedal mammal, such as a horse, cat, or dog. This joint may include articulations between tarsal bones and the fibula in some species, while in others the fibula has been greatly reduced and is only found as a vestigial remnant fused to the distal portion of the tibia. It is the anatomical homologue of the ankle of the human foot. While homologous joints occur in other tetrapods, the term is generally restricted to mammals, particularly long-legged domesticated species.

The Foolish Dictionary, by Gideon Wurdz

  1. HOCK

    v. t. To "soak" what we least need. In Germany, they generally "Hock the Kaiser."

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a joint on the hind leg of an animal, below the knee

The horse has an injured hock.

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