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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

hob•nobˈhɒbˌnɒb(v.i.)-nobbed, -nob•bing

  1. to associate on very friendly terms:

    to hobnob with royalty.

Origin of hobnob:

1595–1605; from the phrase hab or nab lit., have or have not


Princeton's WordNet

  1. hobnob(verb)

    rub elbows with

    "He hobnobs with the best of society"


  1. hobnob(Noun)

    An informal chat.

    The three friends had a hobnob outside the bar.

  2. hobnob(Verb)

    To associate in a friendly manner with. Generally has a connotation of associating with people of a higher class or status.

  3. hobnob(Verb)

    To drink together.

  4. Origin: (1595–1605) From habban and nabban, thus “have or have not”.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hobnob(adverb)

    have or have not; -- a familiar invitation to reciprocal drinking

  2. Hobnob(adverb)

    at random; hit or miss. (Obs.)

  3. Hobnob(verb)

    to drink familiarly (with another)

  4. Hobnob(verb)

    to associate familiarly; to be on intimate terms

  5. Hobnob(noun)

    familiar, social intercourse


  1. HobNob

    Hobnob is the brand name of a biscuit made from rolled oats and jumbo oats, similar to a flapjack/digestive biscuit hybrid. They are primarily sold in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and Ireland but are available in the U.S., and several European and Asian countries. In Italy they are now marketed as a variety of digestive biscuit, having previously been known as Suncrok. They were also released in Canada in November 2012, made available in Wal-Mart's British modular section in their food aisles.


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