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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. (n.)an indirect, covert, or helpful suggestion; clue.

  2. a very slight or hardly noticeable amount:

    a hint of garlic in the salad dressing.

  3. a perceived indication; intimation:

    a hint of spring in the air.

  4. Obs. an occasion or opportunity.

  5. (v.t.)to give a hint of:

    gray skies hinting a possible snowfall.

  6. (v.i.)to subtly imply (usu. fol. by at):

    The facts hinted at a solution to the problem.

* Syn: hint , intimate , insinuate , suggest denote the conveying of an idea to the mind indirectly or without full or explicit statement. To hint is to convey an idea covertly or indirectly, but in a way that can be understood: She hinted that she would like a bicycle for her birthday. To intimate is to give a barely perceptible hint, often with the purpose of influencing action: He intimated that a conciliation was possible. To insinuate is to hint artfully, often at what one would not dare to say directly: Someone insinuated that the defendant was guilty. suggest denotes recalling something to the mind or starting a new train of thought by means of association of ideas: Her restlessness suggested that she wanted to leave.

Origin of hint:

1595–1605; orig., opportunity, occasion, appar. var. of obs. hent grasp, act of seizing, der. of ME henten to grasp, take, OE hentan


Princeton's WordNet

  1. hint, intimation, breath(noun)

    an indirect suggestion

    "not a breath of scandal ever touched her"

  2. hint, clue(noun)

    a slight indication

  3. touch, hint, tinge, mite, pinch, jot, speck, soupcon(noun)

    a slight but appreciable amount

    "this dish could use a touch of garlic"

  4. trace, hint, suggestion(noun)

    a just detectable amount

    "he speaks French with a trace of an accent"

  5. tip, lead, steer, confidential information, wind, hint(verb)

    an indication of potential opportunity

    "he got a tip on the stock market"; "a good lead for a job"

  6. hint, suggest(verb)

    drop a hint; intimate by a hint

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. hint(noun)ˈɪnt

    an indirect suggestion of a thought or feeling

    I'll give you a hint: it's red and round.

  2. hintˈɪnt

    suggest sth indirectly

    I dropped several hints, but he didn't buy me flowers.

  3. hintˈɪnt

    a tip to help sb

    helpful hints on how to use the Internet

  4. hint(verb)ˈɪnt

    to suggest sth indirectly

    She hinted that her marriage was not happy.; The president hinted at a cut in taxes.


  1. hint(Noun)

    a clue

    I needed a hint to complete the crossword.

  2. hint(Noun)

    a tacit suggestion that avoids a direct statement

    he said it to hint' that my breath smelt

  3. hint(Noun)

    a small, barely detectable amount of

  4. hint(Noun)

    information in a computer-based font that suggests how the outlines of the font's glyphs should be distorted in order to produce, at specific sizes, a visually appealing pixel-based rendering. Also known as hinting

    This font does not scale well; at small point sizes it has no hinting at all, and the hints that it has for the 10- and 12-point letter 'g' still need work.

  5. hint(Verb)

    to suggest tacitly without a direct statement; to provide a clue

    She hinted at the possibility of a recount of the votes.

  6. hint(Verb)

    to develop and add hints to a font

    The typographer worked all day on hinting her new font so it would look good on computer screens.

  7. Origin: From obsolete hent, from Old English hentan "to seize," from Proto-Germanic *khantijanan.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hint(verb)

    to bring to mind by a slight mention or remote allusion; to suggest in an indirect manner; as, to hint a suspicion

  2. Hint(verb)

    to make an indirect reference, suggestion, or allusion; to allude vaguely to something

  3. Hint(noun)

    a remote allusion; slight mention; intimation; insinuation; a suggestion or reminder, without a full declaration or explanation; also, an occasion or motive


  1. Hint

    Hint is musician Jonathan James, hailing from Sussex in the UK. His music has been released on independent record labels and his catalogue includes work which has found favour amongst DJs and fans from various underground music scenes.


  1. hint

    Apparently in stealth mode. Site mentions a “private Beta.” Got a lot of blogosphere attention preemptively alerting Gawker users their accounts had been compromised, see

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'hint' in Nouns Frequency: #1870

Anagrams of hint

  1. thin

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a statement that passes on information without giving it openly or directly

He didn't actually say he wanted more money, but he dropped a hint.

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