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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. situated in the rear or at the back; posterior:

    the hind legs of an animal.

* Syn: See back1.

Origin of hind:

1300–50; ME hinde; cf. OE hindan (adv.) from behind, at the back, c. OHG hintana, Go hindana; cf. behind , hinder2

hindhaɪnd(n.)(pl.)hinds; hind.

  1. the female of the European red deer in and after the third year.

    Category: Mammals

  2. any of various groupers of the genus Epinephelus, of warm Atlantic seas, as the orange-speckled E. adscensionis

    Category: Ichthyology

    Ref: ( rock hind )

Origin of hind:

bef. 900; ME, OE, c. MD hinde, OHG hinta


  1. a peasant; rustic.

  2. Chiefly Scot. a farm laborer.

    Category: Scottish

Origin of hind:

bef. 1000; alter. of ME hine (pl.) servants, OE (Anglian) hīne,hī(g)na, gen. of hīgan (West Saxon hīwan) members of a household; cf. hide3


  1. Hindu.

  2. Hindustan.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. hind(noun)

    any of several mostly spotted fishes that resemble groupers

  2. hind(adj)

    a female deer, especially an adult female red deer

  3. back(a), hind(a), hinder(a)(adj)

    located at or near the back of an animal

    "back (or hind) legs"; "the hinder part of a carcass"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. hind(adjective)ɪnd

    ≠ front

    the dog's hind legs

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hind(noun)

    the female of the red deer, of which the male is the stag

  2. Hind(noun)

    a spotted food fish of the genus Epinephelus, as E. apua of Bermuda, and E. Drummond-hayi of Florida; -- called also coney, John Paw, spotted hind

  3. Hind(noun)

    a domestic; a servant

  4. Hind(noun)

    a peasant; a rustic; a farm servant

  5. Hind(adj)

    in the rear; -- opposed to front; of or pertaining to the part or end which follows or is behind, in opposition to the part which leads or is before; as, the hind legs or hind feet of a quadruped; the hind man in a procession


  1. Hind

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


at the back (usually of an animal)

a hind leg.

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