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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to cause young to emerge from (the egg), as by brooding or incubating.

    Category: Developmental Biology

  2. to bring forth or produce; devise; plot.

  3. (v.i.)to be hatched.

    Category: Developmental Biology

  4. to brood.

  5. (n.)the act of hatching.

    Category: Developmental Biology

  6. something that is hatched, as a brood.

Origin of hatch:

1200–50; ME hacchen; akin to MHG hecken to hatch



  1. an opening in the deck of a vessel or in the floor or roof of a building, used as a passageway. the cover over such an opening.

    Category: Navy, Building Trades

    Ref: Also called hatchway. 1

  2. an opening or door in an aircraft.

  3. the lower half of a divided door.

    Category: Building Trades, Architecture

  4. a small door, grated opening, or serving counter in or attached to a wall.

    Category: Architecture, Building Trades

Idioms for hatch:

  1. down the hatch,(used as a toast.)

    Category: Idiom

Origin of hatch:

bef. 1100; ME hacche, OE hæcc grating, hatch, half-gate; akin to MD hecke gate, railing


  1. to mark with lines, esp. closely set parallel lines, as for shading in drawing or engraving.

    Category: Printing

  2. (n.)a shading line in drawing or engraving.

    Category: Printing

Origin of hatch:

1470–80; earlier hache < MF hacher to cut up, der. of hache ax. See hatchet

Princeton's WordNet

  1. hatch, hatching(noun)

    the production of young from an egg

  2. hatch, hatching, crosshatch, hachure(noun)

    shading consisting of multiple crossing lines

  3. hatch(verb)

    a movable barrier covering a hatchway

  4. hatch(verb)

    emerge from the eggs

    "young birds, fish, and reptiles hatch"

  5. think up, think of, dream up, hatch, concoct(verb)

    devise or invent

    "He thought up a plan to get rich quickly"; "no-one had ever thought of such a clever piece of software"

  6. hatch(verb)

    inlay with narrow strips or lines of a different substance such as gold or silver, for the purpose of decorating

  7. hatch(verb)

    draw, cut, or engrave lines, usually parallel, on metal, wood, or paper

    "hatch the sheet"

  8. brood, hatch, cover, incubate(verb)

    sit on (eggs)

    "Birds brood"; "The female covers the eggs"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. hatch(verb)ætʃ

    (of a baby bird, fish, etc.) to come out of its egg at birth

    when the eggs/babies hatch

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hatch(verb)

    to cross with lines in a peculiar manner in drawing and engraving. See Hatching

  2. Hatch(verb)

    to cross; to spot; to stain; to steep

  3. Hatch(verb)

    to produce, as young, from an egg or eggs by incubation, or by artificial heat; to produce young from (eggs); as, the young when hatched

  4. Hatch(verb)

    to contrive or plot; to form by meditation, and bring into being; to originate and produce; to concoct; as, to hatch mischief; to hatch heresy

  5. Hatch(verb)

    to produce young; -- said of eggs; to come forth from the egg; -- said of the young of birds, fishes, insects, etc

  6. Hatch(noun)

    the act of hatching

  7. Hatch(noun)

    development; disclosure; discovery

  8. Hatch(noun)

    the chickens produced at once or by one incubation; a brood

  9. Hatch(noun)

    a door with an opening over it; a half door, sometimes set with spikes on the upper edge

  10. Hatch(noun)

    a frame or weir in a river, for catching fish

  11. Hatch(noun)

    a flood gate; a a sluice gate

  12. Hatch(noun)

    a bedstead

  13. Hatch(noun)

    an opening in the deck of a vessel or floor of a warehouse which serves as a passageway or hoistway; a hatchway; also; a cover or door, or one of the covers used in closing such an opening

  14. Hatch(noun)

    an opening into, or in search of, a mine

  15. Hatch(verb)

    to close with a hatch or hatches


  1. Hatch

    Hatch is a town in Garfield County, Utah, United States. The population was 127 at the 2000 census. It is approximately 217 miles from Salt Lake City.

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. hatch

    An opening in a ship

The Foolish Dictionary, by Gideon Wurdz

  1. HATCH

    To develop eggs. HATCHWAY Place for developing eggs; a hen-coop.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to produce (young birds etc) from eggs

My hens have hatched ten chicks.

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