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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

har•mo•ni•oushɑrˈmoʊ ni əs(adj.)

  1. marked by agreement in feeling, attitude, or action:

    a harmonious group.

  2. forming a pleasingly consistent whole; congruous:

    harmonious colors.

  3. pleasant to the ear; tuneful; melodious.

Origin of harmonious:

1520–30; < Gk harmónios melodious, lit., fitting. See harmony , -ous


Princeton's WordNet

  1. harmonious(adj)

    musically pleasing

  2. harmonious, proportionate, symmetrical(adj)

    exhibiting equivalence or correspondence among constituents of an entity or between different entities

  3. harmonious(adj)

    suitable and fitting

    "the tailored clothes were harmonious with her military bearing"

  4. harmonious(adj)

    existing together in harmony

    "harmonious family relationships"


  1. harmonious(Adjective)

    Showing accord in feeling or action.

  2. harmonious(Adjective)

    Having components pleasingly or appropriately combined.

  3. harmonious(Adjective)

    Melodious; in harmony.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Harmonious(adj)

    adapted to each other; having parts proportioned to each other; symmetrical

  2. Harmonious(adj)

    acting together to a common end; agreeing in action or feeling; living in peace and friendship; as, an harmonious family

  3. Harmonious(adj)

    vocally or musically concordant; agreeably consonant; symphonious

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a harmonious melody.

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