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  1. Hamamelidae, subclass Hamamelidae(noun)

    a group of chiefly woody plants considered among the most primitive of angiosperms; perianth poorly developed or lacking; flowers often unisexual and often in catkins and often wind pollinated; contains 23 families including the Betulaceae and Fagaceae (includes the Amentiferae); sometimes classified as a superorder


  1. Hamamelididae

    Hamamelididae is an obsolete botanical name at the rank of subclass. A well-known system that used this name is the Cronquist system, although in the disallowed spelling Hamamelidae. In the original 1981 version of this system the circumscription was: subclass Hamamelidae order Trochodendrales order Hamamelidales order Daphniphyllales order Didymelales order Eucommiales order Urticales order Leitneriales order Juglandales order Myricales order Fagales order Casuarinales As is true for any botanical name, circumscription of the subclass will vary with the taxonomic system being used; the only requirement being that it includes the family Hamamelidaceae. The APG II system does not recognize named taxa above the rank of order but places most of the taxa involved in the rosids clade, with Hamamelidaceae itself in order Saxifragales.


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