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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

halvehæv, hɑv(v.t.)halved, halv•ing.

  1. to divide into two equal parts.

  2. to share equally.

  3. to reduce to half.

  4. Golf. to play (a hole, round, or match) in the same number of strokes as one's opponent.

    Category: Sport

Origin of halve:

1250–1300; ME halven, der. of half

Princeton's WordNet

  1. halve(verb)

    divide by two; divide into halves

    "Halve the cake"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. halve(verb)æv, hɑv

    to decrease by half its size or amount

    The new study has halved the number of tigers.; The number has halved.


  1. halve(Verb)

    To reduce to half the original amount.

  2. halve(Verb)

    To divide into two halves.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Halve(noun)

    a half

  2. Halve(verb)

    to divide into two equal parts; as, to halve an apple; to be or form half of

  3. Halve(verb)

    to join, as two pieces of timber, by cutting away each for half its thickness at the joining place, and fitting together

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to divide (something) into two equal parts

He halved the apple.

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