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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ha•loˈheɪ loʊ(n.)(pl.)-los, -loes

  1. Ref: Also called nimbus.

  2. something suggesting such a light or shape.

  3. Ref: nimbus (def. 2). 2

  4. any of a variety of bright circles or arcs centered on the sun or moon, caused by the refraction or reflection of light by ice crystals suspended in the earth's atmosphere

    Category: Meteorology

    Ref: (disting. from corona 1 1 2 ).

  5. (v.t.)to surround with a halo.

  6. (v.i.)to form a halo.

Origin of halo:

1555–65; < L, acc. of halōs circle round sun or moon < Gk hálōs orig., disk, threshing floor


  1. a combining form meaning “salt” (halophyte), “halogen” (halothane).

    Category: Affix

Origin of halo-:

< Gk, comb. form of háls salt

Princeton's WordNet

  1. aura, aureole, halo, nimbus, glory, gloriole(noun)

    an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint

  2. ring, halo, annulus, doughnut, anchor ring(noun)

    a toroidal shape

    "a ring of ships in the harbor"; "a halo of smoke"

  3. halo(noun)

    a circle of light around the sun or moon


  1. halo(Noun)

    A circular band of coloured light, visible around the sun or moon etc., caused by reflection and refraction of light by ice crystals in the atmosphere.

  2. halo(Noun)

    A cloud of gas and other matter surrounding and captured by the gravitational field of a large diffuse astronomical object, such as a galaxy or cluster of galaxies.

  3. halo(Noun)

    Anything resembling this band, such as an effect caused by imperfect developing of photographs.

  4. halo(Noun)

    nimbus, a luminous disc, often of gold, around or over the heads of saints, etc., in religious paintings.

  5. halo(Noun)

    The metaphorical aura of glory, veneration or sentiment which surrounds an idealized entity.

  6. halo(Verb)

    To encircle with a halo.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Halo(noun)

    a luminous circle, usually prismatically colored, round the sun or moon, and supposed to be caused by the refraction of light through crystals of ice in the atmosphere. Connected with halos there are often white bands, crosses, or arches, resulting from the same atmospheric conditions

  2. Halo(noun)

    a circle of light; especially, the bright ring represented in painting as surrounding the heads of saints and other holy persons; a glory; a nimbus

  3. Halo(noun)

    an ideal glory investing, or affecting one's perception of, an object

  4. Halo(noun)

    a colored circle around a nipple; an areola

  5. Halo

    to form, or surround with, a halo; to encircle with, or as with, a halo


  1. HaLo

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Anagrams of halo

  1. hola

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a ring of light round the sun or moon.

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