Definitions for halideˈhæl aɪd, -ɪd, ˈheɪ laɪd, -lɪd

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

hal•ideˈhæl aɪd, -ɪd, ˈheɪ laɪd, -lɪd(n.)

  1. a chemical compound in which one of the elements is a halogen.

    Category: Chemistry

  2. (adj.)of, pertaining to, or characteristic of such a compound.

    Category: Chemistry

Origin of halide:

1875–80; hal (ogen ) + -ide

Princeton's WordNet

  1. halide(noun)

    a salt of any halogen acid


  1. halide(Noun)

    A salt of any halogen acid.

    Potassium iodide is a halide.

  2. Origin: See halogen.


  1. Halide

    A halide is a binary compound, of which one part is a halogen atom and the other part is an element or radical that is less electronegative than the halogen, to make a fluoride, chloride, bromide, iodide, or astatide compound. Many salts are halides. All Group 1 metals form halides which are white solids at room temperature. A halide ion is a halogen atom bearing a negative charge. The halide anions are fluoride, chloride, bromide, iodide and astatide. Such ions are present in all ionic halide salts. See chloride, bromide, fluoride, and iodide


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