Definitions for halideˈhæl aɪd, -ɪd, ˈheɪ laɪd, -lɪd

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

hal•ideˈhæl aɪd, -ɪd, ˈheɪ laɪd, -lɪd(n.)

  1. a chemical compound in which one of the elements is a halogen.

    Category: Chemistry

  2. (adj.)of, pertaining to, or characteristic of such a compound.

    Category: Chemistry

Origin of halide:

1875–80; hal (ogen ) + -ide

Princeton's WordNet

  1. halide(noun)

    a salt of any halogen acid


  1. halide(Noun)

    A salt of any halogen acid.

    Potassium iodide is a halide.

  2. Origin: See halogen.


  1. Halide

    A halide is a binary compound, of which one part is a halogen atom and the other part is an element or radical that is less electronegative than the halogen, to make a fluoride, chloride, bromide, iodide, or astatide compound. Many salts are halides. All Group 1 metals form halides which are white solids at room temperature. A halide ion is a halogen atom bearing a negative charge. The halide anions are fluoride, chloride, bromide, iodide and astatide. Such ions are present in all ionic halide salts. See chloride, bromide, fluoride, and iodide

Anagrams of halide

  1. hailed


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