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Princeton's WordNet

  1. hackberry, nettle tree(noun)

    any of various trees of the genus Celtis having inconspicuous flowers and small berrylike fruits

  2. sugarberry, hackberry(noun)

    small edible dark purple to black berry with large pits; southern United States


  1. hackberry(Noun)

    Any of several small shrubs or trees of the genus Celtis, having small fruit.

  2. hackberry(Noun)

    The purple-black fruit of such plants.

  3. hackberry(Noun)

    The soft wood of such plants.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hackberry(noun)

    a genus of trees (Celtis) related to the elm, but bearing drupes with scanty, but often edible, pulp. C. occidentalis is common in the Eastern United States


  1. Celtis

    Celtis, commonly known as hackberries, is a genus of about 60–70 species of deciduous trees widespread in warm temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, in southern Europe, southern and eastern Asia, and southern and central North America, south to central Africa, and northern and central South America. The genus is present in the fossil record at least since the Miocene of Europe. Previously included either in the elm family or a separate family, Celtidaceae, the APG III system places Celtis in an expanded hemp family. The generic name originated in Latin and was applied by Pliny the Elder to the unrelated Ziziphus lotus.

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