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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ha•ci•en•da*ˌhɑ siˈɛn də(n.)(pl.)-das.

  1. (v.t.)a large landed estate, esp. one used for farming or ranching.

  2. the main house on such an estate.

* (in Spanish America).

Origin of hacienda:

1710–20; < Sp

Princeton's WordNet

  1. hacienda(noun)

    a large estate in Spanish-speaking countries

  2. hacienda(noun)

    the main house on a ranch or large estate


  1. hacienda(Noun)

    a large homestead in a ranch or estate usually in places where Colonial Spanish culture has had architectural influence.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hacienda(noun)

    a large estate where work of any kind is done, as agriculture, manufacturing, mining, or raising of animals; a cultivated farm, with a good house, in distinction from a farming establishment with rude huts for herdsmen, etc.; -- a word used in Spanish-American regions


  1. Hacienda

    Hacienda is a Spanish word for an estate. Some haciendas were plantations, mines, or even business factories. Many haciendas combined these productive activities. The hacienda system of Argentina, parts of Brazil, Chile, Mexico and New Granada was a system of large land-holdings that were an end in themselves as the marks of status. The hacienda aimed for self-sufficiency in everything but luxuries meant for display, which were destined for the handful of people in the circle of the patrón.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the government department in charge of the nation's finances.

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