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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a ring or circle.

  2. a circular course or motion.

  3. a ringlike system of ocean currents rotating clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Category: Oceanography

Origin of gyre:

1560–70; < L gȳrus < Gk gŷros ring, circle

Princeton's WordNet

  1. coil, whorl, roll, curl, curlicue, ringlet, gyre, scroll(noun)

    a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)


  1. gyre(Noun)

    a swirling vortex

  2. gyre(Noun)

    a circular current, especially a large-scale ocean current

  3. gyre(Verb)

    to whirl

  4. Origin: From gyrus#Latin,

Webster Dictionary

  1. Gyre(noun)

    a circular motion, or a circle described by a moving body; a turn or revolution; a circuit

  2. Gyre

    to turn round; to gyrate


  1. Ocean gyre

    A gyre in oceanography is any large system of rotating ocean currents, particularly those involved with large wind movements. Gyres are caused by the Coriolis Effect; planetary vorticity along with horizontal and vertical friction, which determine the circulation patterns from the wind curl. The term gyre can be used to refer to any type of vortex in the air or the sea, even one that is man-made, but it is most commonly used in oceanography to refer to the major ocean systems.


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