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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

gun•sling•erˈgʌnˌslɪŋ ər(n.)

  1. Slang. a gunfighter.

    Category: Informal

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. gunman, gunslinger, hired gun, gun, gun for hire, triggerman, hit man, hitman, torpedo, shooter(noun)

    a professional killer who uses a gun


  1. gunslinger(Noun)

    In the old west: a person who carried a gun and was an expert at the quick draw.

  2. gunslinger(Noun)

    In modern usage: a person who behaves with the bravado expected of someone who would duel with guns.


  1. Gunfighter

    Gunfighter and gunslinger, are literary words used historically to refer to men in the American Old West who had gained a reputation of being dangerous with a gun and had participated in gunfights and shootouts. Gunman was a more common term used for these individuals in the 19th century. Today, the term gunslinger is used to denote someone who is quick on the draw with their pistols, but can also refer to riflemen and shotgun messengers. Gunfighters are also one of the most popular characters in the Western genre and have appeared in associated films, video games and literatures. Gunfighters range from different occupations such as a lawman, outlaw or a duelist, but are more commonly synonymous to a hired gun who made a living with their weapons in the Old West. Like cowboys, gunfighters have become a cultural icon in modern times, and are an image of the American people abroad and of American warrior culture.


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