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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

gua•nineˈgwɑ nin(n.)

  1. a purine base, C5H5N5O, that is a fundamental constituent of DNA and RNA, in which it forms base pairs with cytosine.

    Category: Biochemistry

    Ref: Symbol: G 4 6 2; Compare guanosine.

Origin of guanine:

1845–55; guan (o ) + -ine2

Princeton's WordNet

  1. guanine, G(noun)

    a purine base found in DNA and RNA; pairs with cytosine


  1. guanine(Noun)

    A substance first obtained from guano; it is a nucleic base and pairs with cytosine in DNA and RNA.

  2. Origin: From guano + -ine.


  1. Guanine

    Guanine is one of the four main nucleobases found in the nucleic acids DNA and RNA, the others being adenine, cytosine, and thymine. In DNA, guanine is paired with cytosine. With the formula C5H5N5O, guanine is a derivative of purine, consisting of a fused pyrimidine-imidazole ring system with conjugated double bonds. Being unsaturated, the bicyclic molecule is planar. The guanine nucleoside is called guanosine.

Anagrams of guanine

  1. anguine

  2. Guinean


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