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Princeton's WordNet

  1. gland, secretory organ, secretor, secreter(noun)

    any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

Webster Dictionary

  1. Gland(noun)

    an organ for secreting something to be used in, or eliminated from, the body; as, the sebaceous glands of the skin; the salivary glands of the mouth

  2. Gland(noun)

    an organ or part which resembles a secreting, or true, gland, as the ductless, lymphatic, pineal, and pituitary glands, the functions of which are very imperfectly known

  3. Gland(noun)

    a special organ of plants, usually minute and globular, which often secretes some kind of resinous, gummy, or aromatic product

  4. Gland(noun)

    any very small prominence

  5. Gland(noun)

    the movable part of a stuffing box by which the packing is compressed; -- sometimes called a follower. See Illust. of Stuffing box, under Stuffing

  6. Gland(noun)

    the crosspiece of a bayonet clutch

  7. Origin: [F. glande, L. glans, glandis, acorn; akin to Gr. for , and to cast, throw, the acorn being the dropped fruit. Cf. Parable, n.]


  1. Gland

    A gland is an organ in an animal's body that synthesizes a substance for release of substances such as hormones or breast milk, often into the bloodstream or into cavities inside the body or its outer surface.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Gland

    gland, n. a secreting structure, which in various ways alters the material brought to it by the blood, extracting and excreting waste products as in the kidneys, or manufacturing valuable by-products, such as the glycogen and bile of the liver: (bot.) a small cellular spot which secretes oil or aroma.—adjs. Glandif′erous, bearing acorns or nuts; Gland′iform, resembling a gland: nut-shaped; Gland′ūlar, Gland′ūlous, containing, consisting of, or pertaining to glands.—n. Gland′ūle, a small gland.—adj. Glandūlif′erous. [F. glande—L. glans, glandis, an acorn.]


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    The numerical value of gland in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

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    The numerical value of gland in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

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