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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

gla•ci•ateˈgleɪ ʃiˌeɪt, -si-(v.)-at•ed, -at•ing.

  1. (v.t.)to cover with ice or glaciers.

    Category: Geology

  2. to affect by glacial action.

    Category: Geology

  3. (v.i.)to become frozen or covered with ice or glaciers.

    Category: Geology

Origin of glaciate:

1615–25; < L glaciātus, ptp. of glaciāre to freeze, der. of glaciēs ice


Princeton's WordNet

  1. glaciate(verb)

    cover with ice or snow or a glacier

    "the entire area was glaciated"

  2. glaciate(verb)

    become frozen and covered with glaciers


  1. glaciate(Verb)

    To cover with ice or a glacier

  2. glaciate(Verb)

    To erode with a glacier

  3. glaciate(Verb)

    To freeze

  4. Origin: From glaciatus, past participle of glacio.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Glaciate(verb)

    to turn to ice

  2. Glaciate(verb)

    to convert into, or cover with, ice

  3. Glaciate(verb)

    to produce glacial effects upon, as in the scoring of rocks, transportation of loose material, etc


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