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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ge•rahˈgi rə(n.)

  1. an ancient Hebrew weight and coin, equal to 1/20 of a shekel.

    Category: Numismatics

Origin of gerah:

1525–35; < Heb gērāh < Akkadian girū


  1. gerah(Noun)

    an ancient Hebrew unit of weight and currency equal to one twentieth of a shekel

Webster Dictionary

  1. Gerah(noun)

    a small coin and weight; 1-20th of a shekel


  1. Gerah

    A gerah Hebrew "גרה" is an ancient Hebrew unit of weight and currency, equivalent to one-twentieth of a shekel, a shekel being 180 barleycorns or 60 carob divided by 20 = 3 carob. This is 0.568 grams. A gerah is in Aramaic a ma'ah "מעה". It was originally a fifth of a Denarius/zuz, as seen in Exodus, then became a sixth of a denar/Zuz, such as the Yehud coins which came in two denominations, approximately .58 gram as a ma'ah and approximately .29 gram as a half ma'ah, and which is about the weight of a Zuz/Denarius based on a 14 gram Shekel. The Jerusalem Talmud Shekalim, in the Mishnah, debates if a kalbon, which was added when annually giving a half shekel to the Temple, was a "ma'ah" or a "chatzi ma'ah".


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