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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Gas•conˈgæs kən(n.)

  1. a native or inhabitant of Gascony.

    Category: Peoples

  2. the Romance speech of Gascony.

    Category: Peoples

  3. (l.c.) boaster; braggart.

  4. (adj.)of or pertaining to Gascony, its inhabitants, or their speech.

    Category: Peoples

Origin of Gascon:

1325–75; < OF, ult. < L Vascōnēs


  1. Gascon(Noun)

    A native or inhabitant of Gascony, a region of southwest France.

  2. Gascon(Adjective)

    Of or relating to Gascony.

  3. Gascon(ProperNoun)

    The dialect of the Occitan language spoken in Gascony.

  4. Origin: From gascoign, gascun et al., gascon, from plural Vascones. Compare Basque.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Gascon(adj)

    of or pertaining to Gascony, in France, or to the Gascons; also, braggart; swaggering

  2. Gascon(noun)

    a native of Gascony; a boaster; a bully. See Gasconade

Anagrams of gascon

  1. congas


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