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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

gar•landˈgɑr lənd(n.)

  1. a wreath or festoon of flowers, leaves, or other material, worn for ornament or as an honor or hung on something as a decoration.

  2. a representation of such a wreath or festoon.

  3. a collection of short literary pieces, as poems and ballads; literary miscellany.

  4. Naut. a band, collar, or grommet, as of rope.

    Category: Navy

  5. (v.t.)to crown with a garland; deck with garlands.

Origin of garland:

1275–1325; < OF

Gar•landˈgɑr lənd(n.)

  1. Judy (Frances Gumm), 1922–69, U.S. singer and actress.

    Category: Biography

  2. a city in NE Texas, near Dallas. 190,055.

    Category: Geography (places)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Garland, Judy Garland(noun)

    United States singer and film actress (1922-1969)

  2. Garland(noun)

    a city in northeastern Texas (suburb of Dallas)

  3. florilegium, garland, miscellany(noun)

    an anthology of short literary pieces and poems and ballads etc.

  4. wreath, garland, coronal, chaplet, lei(verb)

    flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes

  5. garland(verb)

    adorn with bands of flowers or leaves

    "They garlanded the statue"


  1. garland(Noun)

    A wreath, especially one of plaited flowers or leaves, worn on the body or draped as a decoration

  2. garland(Noun)

    An accolade or mark of honour

  3. garland(Noun)

    coalminers' jargon a metal gutter placed round a mine shaft on the inside, to catch water running down inside the shaft and run it into a drainpipe

  4. garland(Verb)

    To deck or ornament something with a garland

  5. garland(Verb)

    To form something into a garland

  6. Garland(ProperNoun)

    for a maker or seller of garlands.

  7. Garland(ProperNoun)

    Any of a number of places named for persons with the surname, including a large suburb of Dallas, Texas (USA).

  8. Origin: From gerlande (compare French guirlande).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Garland(noun)

    the crown of a king

  2. Garland(noun)

    a wreath of chaplet made of branches, flowers, or feathers, and sometimes of precious stones, to be worn on the head like a crown; a coronal; a wreath

  3. Garland(noun)

    the top; the thing most prized

  4. Garland(noun)

    a book of extracts in prose or poetry; an anthology

  5. Garland(noun)

    a sort of netted bag used by sailors to keep provision in

  6. Garland(noun)

    a grommet or ring of rope lashed to a spar for convenience in handling

  7. Garland(verb)

    to deck with a garland


  1. Garland

    Garland is a city in the U.S. state of Texas. It is a large city northeast of Dallas and is a part of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. It is located almost entirely within Dallas County, except for small portions in Collin County. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 226,876, making it the eighty-seventh most populous city in the United States of America and the twelfth most populous city in the state of Texas In 2008, Garland was ranked #67 on CNN and Money magazine's list of the "Top 100 Places to Live".

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flowers or leaves tied or woven into a circle

The islanders wore garlands of flowers round their heads.

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