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  1. Gando

    a native State traversed by the Niger in Western Soudan, lying upon the NW. border of Sokoto, of which it is a dependency; like Sokoto it has been brought within the sphere of influence of the British Royal Niger Company; the inhabitants belong to the Fulah race, and profess the Mohammedan religion; Gando is also the name of the capital, an active centre of the cotton trade.


  1. Jiandao

    Jiandao, also known in Korean as Gando, refers to a small piece of marsh land between the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture and Helong in Jilin, Northeast China. The original Chinese name of Jiandao is Jiajiang. Another way to define Jiandao was provided by the Imperial Japan in early 20th century. An expanding Japanese empire claimed that Jiandao included territory of four counties of Jilin province and ethnic Koreans living in this region should be placed under its influence, which would give Japan a chance to impose colonial jurisdiction on the region. As one of its first set of attempts to annex northeast China and conquer other parts of mainland China, Imperial Japanese forces in Korea invaded Jiandao in 1907, but Japan withdrew its forces to Korea in 1909 and recognized the border that was present along Tumen River before the invasion, under diplomatic pressure from China. Most of the region defined by Japan in early 20th century as Jiandao is part of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, a part of Jilin Province in the northeast of the People's Republic of China.

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