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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

gain•erˈgeɪ nər(n.)

  1. a person or thing that gains.

  2. a dive in which the diver takes off facing forward and performs a backward rotation, executing either a complete somersault with entry feetfirst into the water

    Category: Sport

    Ref: ( full gainer ); ( half gainer ).

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. gainer, weight gainer(noun)

    a person who gains weight

  2. gainer(noun)

    a person who gains (gains an advantage or gains profits)

    "she was clearly the gainer in that exchange"

  3. gainer, full gainer(noun)

    a dive in which the diver throws the feet forward to complete a full backward somersault and enters the water feet first and facing away from the diving board


  1. gainer(Noun)

    One who gains a profit or advantage.

  2. gainer(Noun)

    A diving (or gymnastics) maneuver (from a high-dive diving board or high diving platform) involving a simultaneous inversion and rotation.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Gainer(noun)

    one who gains


  1. Gainer

    A gainer is an acrobatic skill in which the acrobat performs a backwards somersault while still moving forward. In diving, this is known as reverse rotation. Many stunt performers and martial artists are capable of performing a similar skill on the ground, sometimes in combination with a midair inverted kick. A half gainer involves the same motion, except the ending position is with the head downward. A half gainer can also be performed starting with walking on your hands and ending with your head upwards, although this is quite difficult. In gymnastics, the maneuver is performed while standing on the side of a balance beam by kicking one foot forwards while flipping backwards. A professional wrestling move called a shooting star press is very similar to a gainer, as it involves a wrestler performing a variation of a gainer from a standing position, onto an opponent. This maneuver has many variations, ranging from different locations, different tuck styles / turns and also additional degrees of rotation, however the standard shooting star press is essentially a 3/4 gainer.

Anagrams of gainer

  1. anigre

  2. regain

  3. Regina

  4. earing


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