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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fu•tile*ˈfyut l, ˈfyu taɪl(adj.)

  1. incapable of producing any result; ineffective; useless; not successful:

    Attempts to swim across the stormy channel were futile.

  2. trifling; frivolous.

* Syn: See useless.

Origin of futile:

1545–55; < L fūtilis, futtilis brittle, vain, worthless, perh. =fū- (akin to fundere to pour, melt) +-tilis -tile


Princeton's WordNet

  1. futile, ineffectual, otiose, unavailing(adj)

    producing no result or effect

    "a futile effort"; "the therapy was ineffectual"; "an otiose undertaking"; "an unavailing attempt"

  2. bootless, fruitless, futile, sleeveless, vain(adj)

    unproductive of success

    "a fruitless search"; "futile years after her artistic peak"; "a sleeveless errand"; "a vain attempt"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. futile(adjective)ˈfyut l, ˈfyu taɪl

    not likely to succeed and therefore not worth doing

    a futile attempt to control his behavior; It's futile to try to stop the process.


  1. futile(Adjective)

    Incapable of producing results; useless; not successful; not worth attempting.

  2. Origin: From futilis.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Futile(verb)

    talkative; loquacious; tattling

  2. Futile(verb)

    of no importance; answering no useful end; useless; vain; worthless

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


useless; having no effect

a futile attempt.

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