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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fumar′ic ac′id(n.)

  1. a colorless, odorless solid, C4H4O4, essential to cellular respiration in most eukaryotic organisms: used to make synthetic resins and as a replacement for tartaric acid in beverages and baking powders.

    Category: Chemistry

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. fumaric acid(noun)

    a colorless crystalline acid with a fruity taste; used in making polyester resins


  1. fumaric acid(Noun)

    an unsaturated organic dicarboxylic acid, HOOCCH=CHCOOH, the geometric isomer of maleic acid from which it may be prepared by heating; it is found in many plants, including fungi and mosses, and is essential in the chemistry of respiration; it has a number of industrial applications, and its esters, the fumarates are used in the treatment of psoriasis


  1. Fumaric acid

    Fumaric acid or trans-butenedioic acid is the chemical compound with the formula HO2CCH=CHCO2H. This white crystalline compound is one of two isomeric unsaturated dicarboxylic acids, the other being maleic acid. In fumaric acid the carboxylic acid groups are trans and in maleic acid they are cis. Fumaric acid has a fruit-like taste. The salts and esters are known as fumarates. Dimethyl fumarate significantly reduces disability progression in multiple sclerosis.


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