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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fourth′ dimen′sion(n.)

  1. a dimension, usu. time, in addition to length, width, and depth, used to discuss phenomena that depend on four variables in geometrical language.

    Category: Math, Physics

  2. something beyond scientific explanation.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. fourth dimension, time(noun)

    the fourth coordinate that is required (along with three spatial dimensions) to specify a physical event


  1. fourth dimension(Noun)

    The fourth coordinate indicating a position along the fourth axis.

  2. fourth dimension(Noun)

    The dimension of time.


  1. Four-dimensional space

    In mathematics, four-dimensional space is a geometric space with four dimensions. It is typically meant to mean four-dimensional Euclidean space, generalizing the rules of three-dimensional Euclidean space. It has been studied by mathematicians and philosophers for over two centuries, both for its own interest and for the insights it offered into mathematics and related fields. Algebraically, it is generated by applying the rules of vectors and coordinate geometry to a space with four dimensions. In particular a vector with four elements can be used to represent a position in four-dimensional space. The space is a Euclidean space, so has a metric and norm, and so all directions are treated as the same: the additional dimension is indistinguishable from the other three. In modern physics, space and time are unified in a four-dimensional Minkowski continuum called spacetime, whose metric treats the time dimension differently from the three spatial dimensions. Spacetime is not a Euclidean space.


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