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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

for•tu•i•tous*fɔrˈtu ɪ təs, -ˈtyu-(adj.)

  1. happening or produced by chance; accidental:

    a fortuitous encounter.

  2. lucky; fortunate.

* Usage: fortuitous has developed in sense from “happening by chance” to “happening by lucky chance” to simply “lucky.” Some object to this last meaning, insisting that fortuitous be kept to its original sense of “accidental.” In modern standard use, however, the word almost always carries the senses both of chance and good luck. fortuitous is infrequently used to mean “accidental” without the suggestion of good luck, and even less frequently to mean “lucky” without a suggestion of accident or chance.

Origin of fortuitous:

1645–55; < L fortuitus, akin to fors, gen. fortis chance, luck


Princeton's WordNet

  1. causeless, fortuitous, uncaused(adj)

    having no cause or apparent cause

    "a causeless miracle"; "fortuitous encounters--strange accidents of fortune"; "we cannot regard artistic invention as...uncaused and unrelated to the times"

  2. fortuitous(adj)

    occurring by happy chance

    "profits were enhanced by a fortuitous drop in the cost of raw materials"


  1. fortuitous(Adjective)

    Happening by chance; coincidental or accidental.

  2. fortuitous(Adjective)

    Happening by a lucky chance; lucky or fortunate.

  3. fortuitous(Adjective)

    Happening independently of human will.

  4. Origin: From fortuitus.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Fortuitous(adj)

    happening by chance; coming or occuring unexpectedly, or without any known cause; chance; as, the fortuitous concourse of atoms

  2. Fortuitous(adj)

    happening independently of human will or means of foresight; resulting from unavoidable physical causes


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