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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

forte*fɔrt, foʊrt or, for 1 , ˈfɔr teɪ(n.)

  1. a strong point, as of a person; an ability or role in which one excels; specialty.

  2. the part of a sword or foil blade between the hilt and the middle.

    Category: Heraldry

* Pron: In the sense of a person's strong point (She draws well, but sculpture is her forte), the older, historical pronunciation of forte is with one syllable: (fôrt) or (fōrt). Perhaps owing to confusion with the musical term forte, borrowed from Italian, a two-syllable pronunciation (fôr′tā) is increasingly heard, esp. from educated speakers, and is now also considered standard.

Origin of forte:

1640–50; earlier fort < MF (see fort )

for•te*ˈfɔr teɪ

  1. (adj.)loud; with force

    Category: Music and Dance

    Ref: (opposed to piano ).

  2. (adv.)loudly.

    Category: Music and Dance

  3. (n.)a passage that is loud and forcible, or is intended to be so.

    Category: Music and Dance

* Music..

Origin of forte:

1715–25; < It < L fortis strong

Princeton's WordNet

  1. forte, strong suit, long suit, metier, specialty, speciality, strong point, strength(noun)

    an asset of special worth or utility

    "cooking is his forte"

  2. forte, fortissimo(noun)

    (music) loud

  3. forte(adj)

    the stronger part of a sword blade between the hilt and the foible

  4. forte, loud(adverb)

    used chiefly as a direction or description in music

    "the forte passages in the composition"

  5. forte, loudly(adverb)

    used as a direction in music; to be played relatively loudly

Webster Dictionary

  1. Forte(noun)

    the strong point; that in which one excels

  2. Forte(noun)

    the stronger part of the blade of a sword; the part of half nearest the hilt; -- opposed to foible

  3. Forte

    loudly; strongly; powerfully


  1. FORTE

    The Fast On-orbit Rapid Recording of Transient Events is a lightweight satellite which was launched at about 8:30 AM on August 29, 1997 into a circular 800-kilometer low Earth orbit which is inclined 70 degrees relative to the earth's equator, using a Pegasus XL rocket. It was developed and launched by the Sandia National Laboratory in cooperation with Los Alamos National Laboratory, as a testbed for technologies applicable to U.S. nuclear detonation detection systems used to monitor compliance with arms control treaties, and later to study lightning from space. The project was sponsored by the United States Department of Energy, and cost about US$35 million. It utilizes optical sensors, RF sensors, and an "event classifier" in order to make observations, including monitoring Very High Frequency lightning emissions in the ionosphere occurring from between 50 to 600 miles above the surface of the Earth, and it will be a component of the VHF Global Lightning and Severe Storm Monitor system. Its primary mission is to record and analyze bursts of RF energy rising from the surface of the Earth. FORTE is 7-foot tall, weighs 470-pound, and is the first all-composite spacecraft, its framework being made entirely of graphite-reinforced epoxy. It consists of three decks with aluminum honeycomb cores, and composite facing to support the onboard instruments.

Anagrams of forte

  1. fetor

  2. ofter

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(of people) big and strong

Her husband is pretty hefty.

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