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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a watch pocket just below the waistline in trousers.

    Category: Clothing

  2. a short chain or ribbon, usu. with a medallion or similar ornament, attached to a watch and worn hanging from a pocket.

    Category: Clothing

  3. the medallion or ornament itself.

Origin of fob:

1645–55; orig. uncert.; cf. dial. G Fuppe pocket

fobfɒb(v.t.)fobbed, fob•bing.

  1. Archaic. to cheat; deceive.

  2. fob off, to induce someone to take (something inferior); palm off. to put (someone) off by deception or trickery:

    She fobbed us off with phony excuses.

    Category: Verb Phrase

Origin of fob:

1350–1400; ME; akin to G foppen to delude; cf. fob1


or f.o.b. or FOB or F.O.B.

  1. free on board: without charge to the buyer for goods placed on board a carrier at the point of shipment.

    Category: Business

Princeton's WordNet

  1. fob, watch pocket(noun)

    a vest pocket to hold a pocket watch

  2. fob(noun)

    an adornment that hangs from a watch chain

  3. fob, watch chain, watch guard(verb)

    short chain or ribbon attaching a pocket watch to a man's vest

  4. flim-flam, play a joke on, play tricks, trick, fob, fox, pull a fast one on, play a trick on(verb)

    deceive somebody

    "We tricked the teacher into thinking that class would be cancelled next week"


  1. FOB(Noun)

    A recent immigrant (from "fresh off the boat")

  2. Origin: * High German fuppe

Webster Dictionary

  1. Fob(noun)

    a little pocket for a watch

  2. Fob

    to beat; to maul

  3. Fob

    to cheat; to trick; to impose on


  1. FOB

    FOB is a 1980 Obie Award-winning play by American playwright David Henry Hwang. Hwang's first play, it depicts the contrasts and conflicts between established Asian Americans and "fresh off the boat" newcomer immigrants. The play premiered at the Stanford Asian American Theatre Project in 1979 under the direction of the author and was further developed at the National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. It received its professional debut on June 8, 1980 Off-Broadway at the Joseph Papp Public Theater. It was directed by Mako, with John Lone and Tzi Ma in the cast. It is published as part of Trying to Find Chinatown: The Selected Plays by Theatre Communications Group and also in an acting edition published by Dramatists Play Service.

Anagrams of fob

  1. BOF

  2. FBO

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to get (someone) to accept (something worthless)

He fobbed me off with promises.

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