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  1. wince, flinch(verb)

    a reflex response to sudden pain

  2. flinch, squinch, funk, cringe, shrink, wince, recoil, quail(verb)

    draw back, as with fear or pain

    "she flinched when they showed the slaughtering of the calf"

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  1. flinch(Noun)

    A reflexive jerking away.

    My eye doctor hates the flinch I have every time he tries to get near my eyes.

  2. flinch(Verb)

    To make a sudden, involuntary movement in response to a (usually negative) stimulus.

  3. flinch(Verb)

    To dodge (a question), to avoid an unpleasant task or duty

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  1. Flinch(verb)

    to withdraw from any suffering or undertaking, from pain or danger; to fail in doing or perserving; to show signs of yielding or of suffering; to shrink; to wince; as, one of the parties flinched from the combat

  2. Flinch(verb)

    to let the foot slip from a ball, when attempting to give a tight croquet

  3. Flinch(noun)

    the act of flinching

  4. Origin: [Prob. fr. OE. flecchen to waver, give way, F. flchir, fr. L. flectere to bend; but prob. influenced by E. blench. Cf. Flex.]

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  1. Flinch

    Flinch is a card game, played with a custom deck, invented in 1901 by A.J. Patterson. This deck has 150 cards, consisting of ten sets numbered from one to fifteen. Some variations use a 144-card deck. It is based on "Spite and Malice".

Translations for flinch

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • reaccionar, estremecerseSpanish
  • säpsähtää, säpsähdys, kavahtaaFinnish
  • broncherFrench
  • sussultareItalian
  • wīwī, toemi, kōrapaMāori
  • terugdeinzenDutch
  • вздро́гнуть, содрога́ться, вздра́гивание, содрогну́ться, вздра́гиватьRussian
  • trznitiSlovene

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