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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

flèchefleɪʃ, flɛʃ(n.)

  1. a steeple or spire emerging from the ridge of a roof.

    Category: Architecture

Origin of flèche:

1700–10; < F: lit., arrow, < Frankish

Webster Dictionary

  1. Fleche(noun)

    a simple fieldwork, consisting of two faces forming a salient angle pointing outward and open at the gorge


  1. Flèche

    {{move|Ridge turret}} A flèche is used in French architecture to refer to a spire and in English to refer to a lead-covered timber spire, or spirelet. These are placed on the ridges of church or cathedral roofs and are usually relatively small. However, larger versions can be found on cathedrals such as Amiens Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris and Coventry Cathedral. The highest flèche in the world was built in the end of 19th century for Rouen Cathedral. Its height is 157 metres.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a thin, straight stick with a point, which is fired from a bow.

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