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  1. fitness, fittingness(noun)

    the quality of being suitable

    "they had to prove their fitness for the position"

  2. fitness, physical fitness(noun)

    good physical condition; being in shape or in condition

  3. seaworthiness, fitness(noun)

    fitness to traverse the seas

  4. fitness(noun)

    the quality of being qualified

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  1. fitness(Noun)

    The condition of being fit, suitable or appropriate.

  2. fitness(Noun)

    The cultivation of an attractive and/or healthy physique.

  3. fitness(Noun)

    The condition of being attractive, fanciable or beautiful.

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  1. Fitness(noun)

    the state or quality of being fit; as, the fitness of measures or laws; a person's fitness for office

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  1. Fitness

    Fitness is a central idea in evolutionary theory. It can be defined either with respect to a genotype or to a phenotype in a given environment. In either case, it describes the ability to both survive and reproduce, and is equal to the average contribution to the gene pool of the next generation that is made by an average individual of the specified genotype or phenotype. If differences between alleles of a given gene affect fitness, then the frequencies of the alleles will change over generations; the alleles with higher fitness become more common. This process is called natural selection. An individual's fitness is manifested through its phenotype. The phenotype is affected by the developmental environment as well as by genes, and the fitness of a given phenotype can be different in different environments. The fitnesses of different individuals with the same genotype are therefore not necessarily equal. However, since the fitness of the genotype is an averaged quantity, it will reflect the reproductive outcomes of all individuals with that genotype in a given environment or set of environments. Inclusive fitness differs from individual fitness by including the ability of an allele in one individual to promote the survival and/or reproduction of other individuals that share that allele, in preference to individuals with a different allele. One mechanism of inclusive fitness is kin selection.

British National Corpus

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    Rank popularity for the word 'fitness' in Nouns Frequency: #2230

Translations for fitness

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • صحةArabic
  • способност, годностBulgarian
  • vhodnostCzech
  • egnethedDanish
  • Fitness, Zweckmäßigkeit, TauglichkeitGerman
  • capacidad, aptitud, nivel físico, ámbitoSpanish
  • kunto, kuntoiluFinnish
  • fitnessFrench
  • oiriúint, oiriúnachtIrish
  • כשר, [[כשר]] [[גופני]]Hebrew
  • 健康, 適当, フィットネスJapanese
  • egnethet, eignahetNorwegian
  • хорошая физическая форма, пригодность, здоровье, фитнес, годностьRussian
  • придатністьUkrainian

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