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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fi•nessefɪˈnɛss(n.; v.)-nessed, -ness•ing.

  1. (n.)extreme delicacy or subtlety in performance, skill, discrimination, etc.

  2. skill and adroitness in handling a difficult or highly sensitive situation.

  3. a trick, artifice, or stratagem.

  4. an attempt to win a trick in bridge with a card lower than one in an opponent's hand.

    Category: Games

  5. (v.i.)to use finesse or artifice.

  6. to make a finesse at cards.

    Category: Games

  7. (v.t.)to bring about by finesse or artifice.

  8. to avoid; circumvent.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  9. to make a finesse with (a card).

    Category: Games

  10. to force the playing of (a card) by a finesse.

    Category: Games

Origin of finesse:

1400–50; late ME: degree of excellence or purity < MF < VL *fīnitia. See fine1, -ice

Princeton's WordNet

  1. delicacy, diplomacy, discreetness, finesse(noun)

    subtly skillful handling of a situation


  1. finesse(Noun)

    The property of having grace, elegance, skill, or balance.

  2. finesse(Noun)

    Skill in handling of a situation.

  3. finesse(Noun)

    An adroit maneuver.

  4. finesse(Noun)

    A technique which allows one to promote tricks based on a favorable position of one or more cards in the hands of the opponent.

  5. finesse(Verb)

    To handle or manage carefully or skillfully.

  6. finesse(Verb)

    To evade.

  7. Origin: from finesse, from fin.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Finesse(adj)

    subtilty of contrivance to gain a point; artifice; stratagem

  2. Finesse(adj)

    the act of finessing. See Finesse, v. i., 2

  3. Finesse(verb)

    to use artifice or stratagem

  4. Finesse(verb)

    to attempt, when second or third player, to make a lower card answer the purpose of a higher, when an intermediate card is out, risking the chance of its being held by the opponent yet to play


  1. Finesse

    In contract bridge and similar games, a finesse is a card play technique which will enable a player to win an additional trick or tricks should there be a favorable position of one or more cards in the hands of the opponents. The player attempts to win either the current trick or a later trick with a card of the suit he leads notwithstanding that the opponents hold a higher card in the suit; the attempt is based on the assumption that the higher card is held by a particular opponent. The specifics of the technique vary depending upon the suit combination being played and the number of tricks the player is attempting to win in that suit.

Editors Contribution

  1. finesse

    To take by force.

    "Give me yo chain or i'm gone finesse it".

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


cleverness and skill in dealing with a situation etc

She managed that situation with great finesse.

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