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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fem•i•nine*ˈfɛm ə nɪn(adj.)

  1. pertaining to or characteristic of women or girls:

    feminine attire.

  2. having qualities or characteristics traditionally ascribed to women, as sensitivity, delicacy, or prettiness.


  3. effeminate; womanish.

  4. belonging to the female sex; female.

  5. of, pertaining to, or being the grammatical gender that has among its members most nouns referring to females, as well as other nouns, as Latin stella“star” or German Zeit“time.”

    Category: Grammar

  6. (n.)the feminine gender.

    Category: Grammar

  7. a word or other form in or marking the feminine gender.

    Category: Grammar

* Syn: See female.

Origin of feminine:

1350–1400; ME < AF, OF < L fēminīnus


Princeton's WordNet

  1. feminine(adj)

    a gender that refers chiefly (but not exclusively) to females or to objects classified as female

  2. feminine(adj)

    associated with women and not with men

    "feminine intuition"

  3. feminine(adj)

    of grammatical gender

  4. womanly, feminine(adj)

    befitting or characteristic of a woman especially a mature woman

    "womanly virtues of gentleness and compassion"

  5. feminine(adj)

    (music or poetry) ending on an unaccented beat or syllable

    "a feminine ending"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. feminine(adjective)ˈfɛm ə nɪn

    with qualities considered typical of women

    a soft, feminine voice; The outfit looks very feminine.

  2. feminineˈfɛm ə nɪn

    in grammar, relating to the form of the word associated with females

    "Waitress" is the feminine form of waiter.


  1. feminine(Noun)

    The female principle

  2. feminine(Noun)

    A woman.

    They guide the feminines toward the palace u2014 Richard Hakluyt

  3. feminine(Noun)

    Any one of those words which are the appellations of females, or which have the terminations usually found in such words; as, actress, songstress, abbess, executrix.

    There are but few true feminines in English u2014 Latham

  4. feminine(Adverb)

    Of or pertaining to woman.

  5. feminine(Adverb)

    Having the qualities of a woman.

  6. feminine(Adjective)

    Of the female sex; biologically female, not male, womanly.

  7. feminine(Adjective)

    Belonging to females; appropriated to, or used by, females.

    Mary, Elizabeth, and Edith are feminine names.

  8. feminine(Adjective)

    Having the qualities associated with a woman or the female gender; suitable to, or characteristic of, a woman; nurturing; not masculine or aggressive.

  9. feminine(Adjective)

    Grammatical gender distinction in languages that describes nouns including those pertaining to females and objects that are assigned the feminine gender.

  10. Origin: From féminin, from femininus, from femina, from dʰeh₁-m̥n-eh₂. Related to fetus, feminism, filial, fellatio.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Feminine(adj)

    of or pertaining to a woman, or to women; characteristic of a woman; womanish; womanly

  2. Feminine(adj)

    having the qualities of a woman; becoming or appropriate to the female sex; as, in a good sense, modest, graceful, affectionate, confiding; or, in a bad sense, weak, nerveless, timid, pleasure-loving, effeminate

  3. Feminine(noun)

    a woman

  4. Feminine(noun)

    any one of those words which are the appellations of females, or which have the terminations usually found in such words; as, actress, songstress, abbess, executrix


  1. Feminine

    Associated with women; befitting or characteristic of a woman.

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of a woman

a feminine voice.

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