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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a young deer, esp. an unweaned one.

    Category: Mammals

  2. a light yellowish brown color.

  3. (adj.)light yellowish brown.

  4. (v.i.)(of a doe) to bring forth young.

    Category: Mammals

Origin of fawn:

1225–75; ME < MF < L fētusfetus



  1. to seek notice or favor by servile behavior; toady:

    courtiers fawning over the king.

  2. (esp. of a dog) to behave affectionately.

Origin of fawn:

bef. 1000; ME; OE fagnian, var. of fægnian to rejoice, make glad


Princeton's WordNet

  1. dun, greyish brown, grayish brown, fawn(noun)

    a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color

    "she wore dun"

  2. fawn(verb)

    a young deer

  3. fawn, crawl, creep, cringe, cower, grovel(verb)

    show submission or fear

  4. fawn, toady, truckle, bootlick, kowtow, kotow, suck up(verb)

    try to gain favor by cringing or flattering

    "He is always kowtowing to his boss"

  5. fawn(verb)

    have fawns

    "deer fawn"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Fawn(noun)

    a young deer; a buck or doe of the first year. See Buck

  2. Fawn(noun)

    the young of an animal; a whelp

  3. Fawn(noun)

    a fawn color

  4. Fawn(adj)

    of the color of a fawn; fawn-colored

  5. Fawn(verb)

    to bring forth a fawn

  6. Fawn(verb)

    to court favor by low cringing, frisking, etc., as a dog; to flatter meanly; -- often followed by on or upon

  7. Fawn(noun)

    a servile cringe or bow; mean flattery; sycophancy


  1. Fawn

    Fawn is a light yellowish tan colour. It is usually used in reference to clothing, soft furnishings and bedding, as well as to a dog's coat colour. It occurs in varying shades, ranging between pale tan to pale fawn to dark deer-red. The first recorded use of fawn as a colour name in English was in 1789.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a young deer.

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