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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fa•mil•iar*fəˈmɪl yər(adj.)

  1. commonly or generally known or seen:

    a familiar sight.

  2. well-acquainted:

    to be familiar with a subject.

  3. informal:

    to write in a familiar style.

  4. closely personal:

    to be on familiar terms.

  5. unduly intimate:

    The duchess complained of familiar servants.

  6. domesticated; tame.

  7. of or pertaining to a family or household.

  8. (n.)a familiar friend or associate.

  9. a supernatural spirit or demon supposed to attend a person or another demon, often in the form of an animal.

    Category: Mythology

  10. a domestic employed by a bishop, seminary, etc.

    Category: Religion

* Syn: familiar , confidential , intimate suggest a friendly relationship between persons, based on frequent association, common interests, etc. familiar suggests an easygoing and unconstrained relationship between persons who are well-acquainted: on familiar terms with one's neighbors. confidential implies a sense of mutual trust that extends to the sharing of confidences and secrets: a confidential adviser. intimate connotes a very close and warm relationship characterized by empathy and sharing of private thoughts: intimate letters to a friend.

Origin of familiar:

1300–50; ME famulier < MF < L familiāris of a household (see family , -ar1)


Webster Dictionary

  1. Familiarness(noun)



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