Definitions for familiarityfəˌmɪl iˈær ɪ ti, -mɪlˈyær-

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fa•mil•i•ar•i•tyfəˌmɪl iˈær ɪ ti, -mɪlˈyær-(n.)(pl.)-ties.

  1. thorough knowledge or mastery of a thing, subject, etc.

  2. the state of being familiar; friendly relationship; close acquaintance; intimacy.

  3. an absence of ceremony and formality; informality.

  4. freedom of behavior justified only by the closest relationship; undue intimacy; license.

  5. Often, familiarities. an instance of such freedom, as in action or speech.

  6. a sexual liberty or impropriety.

Origin of familiarity:

1350–1400; ME < L

Princeton's WordNet

  1. acquaintance, familiarity, conversance, conversancy(noun)

    personal knowledge or information about someone or something

  2. familiarity(noun)

    usualness by virtue of being familiar or well known

  3. familiarity, intimacy, closeness(noun)

    close or warm friendship

    "the absence of fences created a mysterious intimacy in which no one knew privacy"

  4. casualness, familiarity(noun)

    a casual manner

  5. familiarity, impropriety, indecorum, liberty(noun)

    an act of undue intimacy

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. familiarity(noun)əˌmɪl iˈær ɪ ti, -mɪlˈyær-

    the state of being familiar

    the familiarity of the smell; her familiarity with the technology


  1. familiarity(Noun)

    The state of being extremely friendly; intimacy.

  2. familiarity(Noun)

    Undue intimacy; inappropriate informality, impertinence.

  3. familiarity(Noun)

    An instance of familiar behaviour.

  4. familiarity(Noun)

    Close or habitual acquaintance with someone or something; understanding or recognition acquired from experience.

  5. Origin: From familiarité, from familiaritatem.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Familiarity(noun)

    the state of being familiar; intimate and frequent converse, or association; unconstrained intercourse; freedom from ceremony and constraint; intimacy; as, to live in remarkable familiarity

  2. Familiarity(noun)

    anything said or done by one person to another unceremoniously and without constraint; esp., in the pl., such actions and words as propriety and courtesy do not warrant; liberties

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the state of being familiar

I was surprised by her familiarity with our way of life.

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