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Princeton's WordNet

  1. fall apart, go to pieces(verb)

    lose one's emotional or mental composure

    "She fell apart when her only child died"

  2. break, wear, wear out, bust, fall apart(verb)

    go to pieces

    "The lawn mower finally broke"; "The gears wore out"; "The old chair finally fell apart completely"

  3. crumble, fall apart(verb)

    break or fall apart into fragments

    "The cookies crumbled"; "The Sphinx is crumbling"

  4. break, separate, split up, fall apart, come apart(verb)

    become separated into pieces or fragments

    "The figurine broke"; "The freshly baked loaf fell apart"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. fall apart(verb)ɔl

    (of object) to become old and damaged

    This house is falling apart.

  2. fall apartɔl

    to stop working or developing properly

    Our relationship was falling apart.; The economy began to fall apart.


  1. fall apart(Verb)

    To break into pieces through being in a dilapidated state.

  2. fall apart(Verb)

    To be emotionally in crisis.


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