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Princeton's WordNet

  1. falchion(noun)

    a short broad slightly convex medieval sword with a sharp point


  1. falchion(Noun)

    A somewhat curved medieval broadsword of European origin, with the cutting edge on its convex side, whose design is reminiscent of the Persian scimitar and the Chinese dao.

  2. falchion(Noun)

    A billhook.

  3. falchion(Verb)

    Attack with a falchion.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Falchion(noun)

    a broad-bladed sword, slightly curved, shorter and lighter than the ordinary sword; -- used in the Middle Ages

  2. Falchion(noun)

    a name given generally and poetically to a sword, especially to the swords of Oriental and fabled warriors


  1. Falchion

    A falchion is a one-handed, single-edged sword of European origin, whose design is reminiscent of the Persian scimitar and the Chinese dao. The weapon combined the weight and power of an axe with the versatility of a sword. Falchions are found in different forms from around the 11th century up to and including the sixteenth century. In some versions the falchion looks rather like the scramasax and later the sabre, and in some versions the form is irregular or like a machete with a crossguard.

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