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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Fa′bian Soci`ety(n.)

  1. an organization founded in England in 1884 to spread socialist principles gradually by peaceful means.

    Category: Government

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Fabian Society(noun)

    an association of British socialists who advocate gradual reforms within the law leading to democratic socialism


  1. Fabian Society

    The Fabian Society is a British socialist organization whose purpose is to advance the principles of socialism via gradualist and reformist, rather than revolutionary, means. It is best known for its initial ground-breaking work beginning late in the 19th century and continuing up to World War I. The society laid many of the foundations of the Labour Party and subsequently affected the policies of states emerging from the decolonisation of the British Empire, especially India. Today, the society functions primarily as a think tank and is one of 15 socialist societies affiliated with the Labour Party. Similar societies exist in Australia, Canada and in New Zealand.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Fabian Society

    a middle-class socialist propaganda, founded in 1883, which "aims at the reorganisation of society by the emancipation of land and industrial capital from individual and class ownership, and vesting of them in the community for the general benefit"; has lectureships, and issues "Essays" and "Tracts"; it watches and seizes its opportunities to achieve Socialist results, and hence the name. See Fabius Quintus (1).


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