Definitions for extrinsicɪkˈstrɪn sɪk, -zɪk

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. extrinsic(adj)

    not forming an essential part of a thing or arising or originating from the outside

    "extrinsic evidence"; "an extrinsic feature of the new building"; "that style is something extrinsic to the subject"; "looking for extrinsic aid"


  1. extrinsic(Adjective)

    external, separable from the thing itself, inessential

  2. extrinsic(Adjective)

    not belonging to, outside of

  3. Origin: From extrinsecus, from *, an assumed adverbial form of exter + seccus

Webster Dictionary

  1. Extrinsic(adj)

    not contained in or belonging to a body; external; outward; unessential; -- opposed to intrinsic

  2. Extrinsic(adj)

    attached partly to an organ or limb and partly to some other part/ -- said of certain groups of muscles. Opposed to intrinsic

  3. Origin: [L. extrinsecus; exter on the outside + secus otherwise, beside; akin to E. second: cf. F. extrinsque. See Exterior, Second.]

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