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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ex•trem•i•tyɪkˈstrɛm ɪ ti(n.)(pl.)-ties.

  1. the extreme or terminal point, limit, or part of something.

  2. a limb of the body.

    Category: Anatomy

  3. Usu., extremities. the end part of a limb, as a hand or foot.

    Category: Anatomy

  4. Often, extremities. a condition of extreme need or danger.

  5. an utmost degree:

    the extremity of joy.

  6. a drastic measure or effort:

    to go to any extremity to succeed.

  7. extreme character:

    the extremity of his views.

  8. a person's last moment before death.

Origin of extremity:

1325–75; ME < L

Princeton's WordNet

  1. extremity, appendage, member(noun)

    an external body part that projects from the body

    "it is important to keep the extremities warm"

  2. extremity(noun)

    an extreme condition or state (especially of adversity or disease)

  3. extremity(noun)

    the greatest or utmost degree

    "the extremity of despair"

  4. extremity(noun)

    the outermost or farthest region or point

  5. extremity(noun)

    that part of a limb that is farthest from the torso


  1. extremity(Noun)

    The most extreme or furthest point of something.

  2. extremity(Noun)

    An extreme measure.

  3. extremity(Noun)

    A hand or foot.

    Guillian-Barru00E9 syndrome causes one to not be able to move one's extremities.

  4. Origin: From extremite, from extremite, from extremitas, from extremis; see extreme.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Extremity(noun)

    the extreme part; the utmost limit; the farthest or remotest point or part; as, the extremities of a country

  2. Extremity(noun)

    one of locomotive appendages of an animal; a limb; a leg or an arm of man

  3. Extremity(noun)

    the utmost point; highest degree; most aggravated or intense form

  4. Extremity(noun)

    the highest degree of inconvenience, pain, or suffering; greatest need or peril; extreme need; necessity

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the farthest point

The two poles represent the extremities of the earth's axis.

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